Streamline Reporting, Drive Strategic Insights

Unleash the power of Metis, your robust report builder within Apokto, to redefine your reporting narrative. No more hefty invoices or weeks of waiting. Just describe the type of report you need, select or upload an example and Metis crafts detailed reports in moments. 


Monthly Savings

The automated report generation feature in Apokto’s Metis promises to streamline our reporting process significantly. The glimpse into its capabilities was certainly promising.


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Your Data, Your Reports

Integrate Metis seamlessly with your existing tech stack. Centralize data from various platforms to create comprehensive reports. Whether it’s financial data, project statuses, or performance metrics, Metis brings it all together.

Generate, Refine, Share

Foster a collaborative environment with Metis. Invite team members to review, edit, and finalize reports in real-time. With role-based access control, ensure only authorized individuals can view or edit sensitive data.

Expensive Reports in Minutes vs Weeks

With a prompt like “Generate a quality of earnings report for the last fiscal year”, get a first draft in minutes instead of weeks. Refine the draft effortlessly, share it and gather feedback, tweaking the document until it’s ready to go. 

Metis features at a glance

Automated Report Generation

Create detailed reports effortlessly with Metis’ automated generation feature, reducing manual intervention and ensuring precise, up-to-date insights every time.

Example Based Templates

Tailor your templates to align with unique business objectives, ensuring each report is a reflection of your distinct operational needs, providing a clear pathway to informed decision-making.

Secure Document Sharing

Share crucial reports with confidence, knowing that Metis’ secure sharing feature ensures only authorized stakeholders can access sensitive information, maintaining organizational integrity.

Historical Data Analysis

Dive into past performance with ease, analyzing historical data to identify trends, assess progress, and derive actionable insights for a better-informed strategic outlook.

Real-Time Data Integration

Harness the power of real-time data integration, ensuring your reports are always reflecting the current state of affairs, providing a solid foundation for proactive action and strategy adjustments.

Collaborative Editing:

Foster a collaborative environment with Metis’ real-time editing feature, allowing multiple team members to review, amend, and finalize reports simultaneously, accelerating the decision-making process. Just like G-Docs or Notion.

Natural Language Processing

Transform your text instructions into comprehensive reports effortlessly. Just type in a prompt, and Metis crafts an initial draft, bridging the gap between complex data and understandable insights.

Interactive Visualization

Enhance your reports with interactive visualizations that allow for a deeper exploration of the data. Navigate through visual data representations, making the insights accessible to all stakeholders, irrespective of their data proficiency.

Demo: Metis, Gen-AI Report Building

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