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Apokto’s Event Preparation enables seamless transitions from monitoring to preparing for any business event, including raises and equity or debt transactions, by structuring data gathering and stakeholder involvement, ensuring all relevant information remains organized and accessible.


Estimated monthly savings.

Apokto’s preview showcased a tool that could seamlessly integrate our operational data. The Event Preparation feature especially caught my eye, indicating a smoother transition through our business’ pivotal moments

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Uncover early Roadblocks​

Venture into every business event fully prepared by harnessing Apokto’s keen insights to spot potential hurdles beforehand. Strategize and maneuver through challenges with confidence, making each event a stepping stone to success.

Fast-track your preparations​

Leap ahead in your event timelines with Apokto’s streamlined onboarding and automated processes. Ensure everyone is on the same page and ready to ace the event, making preparation feel less like a chore and more like a breeze.

Master the due diligence dance

Dive deep into every necessary detail with Apokto’s automated document indexing and savvy Q&A. Turn the due diligence process into a well-orchestrated dance, ensuring a thorough review that empowers you to make well-informed decisions every step of the way.

Event Preparation Features at a Glance

Structured Onboarding:

Tailored onboarding processes for each event type ensuring all necessary data is collected and organized.

Automated Data Room

Build a secure and organized data rooms for storing and sharing essential documents with internal and external stakeholders in a few clicks.

Real Time Q&A

Get instant answers to critical queries with Apokto’s AI-driven Q&A feature, aiding in every part of the event preparation process.

Event Transitions

Seamlessly switch between different events, carrying over relevant data for a hassle-free transition.

Role-Based Access Controls

Ensure only authorized individuals have access to sensitive data with a granular permission system.

Collaborative Tools

Facilitate communication and collaboration among stakeholders with dedicated discussion features and team setups.

Dynamic Reports

Bid farewell to the tedious days and long nights spent on report preparation. With Apokto, compile comprehensive and dynamic reports in a matter of hours, not weeks.

Monumental Savings, Effortless Execution

Slash down your event preparation expenses significantly. Reallocate those crucial funds and resources towards core activities, making every dollar count towards achieving your business objectives.


Experience the Full Potential of Deal Execution with Apokto.

Streamline deal management, enhance compliance, and drive successful investment outcomes with Apokto.

Uncover the Deal and Operations Execution Hub

See how Apokto streamlines deal processes, paving the way for successful, efficient closures.

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