Navigate diligence effortlessly with real-time insights

Apokto’s Due Diligence module streamlines the document handling process with its advanced, user-friendly system, allowing investment professionals to speed up due diligence, organize analysis effectively, and access vital data quickly for more efficient decision-making.


Savings per year

From the preview, Apokto’s Due Diligence tools seemed like they could drastically cut down the time spent on document collection and analysis. Eager to see it in action

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18.4B AUM

Eliminate Tedious Manual Analysis​

Boost efficiency by automating the laborious tasks associated with due diligence. Apokto meticulously organizes and analyzes financial documents, operational metrics, and other crucial data — enabling you to focus on the core analysis, not on the manual collection and initial processing of information.

Transform Insights into Investments

Navigating through the multitude of data, financial records, and operational insights requires a meticulous approach — and it consumes a significant amount of time. Let Apokto’s Due Diligence module streamline this process for you with a single view that encapsulates the essential information needed for a thorough examination.

Due Diligence Features at a glance

Automated Analysis

Dive deep into financial metrics and ratios with automated analysis tools, simplifying the financial review part of due diligence. Supplementing accounting and financial professional expertise.

Operational Assessments

Evaluate operational efficiency, management competence, and other critical factors that could impact the success of the potential investment.

Comprehensive Reporting

Build sophisticated reports like CIM’s or Quality of Earnings with Metis in minutes, saving 10s of thousands and weeks of time.

Diligence Checklists

Utilize your own checklist or detailed Apokto templates to assist in auto-building your data-room. 

Collaborative Workspaces

Establish dedicated workspaces for each due diligence project, promoting collaboration among your team and other stakeholders.

Automated Data Room

Utilizing your due diligence checklist. Apokto will auto-build the documents in the data room based on end-points from connected software platforms.

Generative AI Q&A with Cited Sources

Utilize Zoe to receive comprehensive answers regarding any aspect of the deal, including modeling and many other facets.

Task Delegation and Management

Efficiently delegate tasks and manage due diligence responsibilities among team members, ensuring a coordinated approach towards evaluating potential investments and meeting project deadlines.

Unveil the Innovative Capabilities of the Apokto platform

Discover, engage, operate and execute with a platform designed for refined investment management, diligent operational oversight, and seamless day to day execution.

Uncover the Deal and Operations Execution Hub

See how Apokto streamlines deal processes, paving the way for successful, efficient closures.

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