Chief Financial Officer

$650M AUM Credit Fund

Apokto’s seamless financial monitoring will revolutionize our quarterly review process, even in beta. The real-time data integration with Zoe will have a large impact in my day to day workflows.

Active Monitoring

Real-time insights into revenue, expenses, and cash flow. Detect anomalies and make informed decisions promptly.

Intelligent Q&A

Engage with Zoe for day-to-day inquiries. Get instant, intelligent responses to support daily operational decisions.

Automated Alerts

Stay ahead with automated alerts for crucial metrics like EBITDA and working capital. React promptly to financial changes.

AI Report Building

Utilize Metis to generate custom reports effortlessly. Transform data into actionable insights and drive decision-making.

Historical Analysis

Quickly analyze historical data to identify trends and benchmark against industry standards, saving time and effort.